Print and Practice Quiz- Plant and Animal Cells

Question#1 - What is the cell wall on a plant cell used for?
It gives the cell and plant structure

Question #2- Name 5 organelles that make up an animal cell.
Vacuoles, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm, Golgi Body, and the Nucleus

Question #3- What organelle stores food, water, and waste?

Question #4- What two organelles does a plant cell have that an animal cell doesn’t?

The cell wall and the chloroplasts

Question #5- What does the nucleus hold: Chromosomes or ribosomes?

Question #6- What is the powerhouse of plant and animal cells?
A- Cytoplasm
B- Lysosome
C- Mitochondria


Question #7- What is the organelle that holds the plant / animal cell together?
The cell membrane holds the plant / animal cell together