How to add a picture to a Wiki page:

1) First of all, before attempting to add a picture to the Wiki, you must do two things:
a. Find the picture online. Once you have found it, save it to your computer with a name that describes the picture and your initials (i.e. Microscope SM).
b. Make sure you also write down the WEBSITE that would link you directly to that picture. You MUST include this so as not plagiarizing the picture.

2) Now you may sign into the Wiki using your user name (first name & Last name) and password.

3) Open the page you want to edit.

4) Click “EDIT” at the top right of that page.

5) Move the cursor to where you want the picture to go.

6) On the Editing tab at the top of the page, click on the icon that looks like a small green painting.

7) Choose “Upload” from the tabs. Search for your picture. Click on it when you find it.

8) The picture should go into the text. Another edit box should open that will allow you to change the size of the picture and the alignment.

9) Add a caption within the editing box that DESCRIBES specifically what the picture is showing. In the caption, also include the LINK to the picture so that you are citing your source.

10) Click “Save” on the editing tab when you are done, so that your changes save to the Wiki.