The Functions of Organelles

There are many parts to a cell including a nucleus. First off, there is a nucleus, it is what holds the chromosomes and it acts like a brian. Next thre is the cell membrane which holds the cell together and also lets in good things and lets out bad things. It also keeps out bad things and acts like a sreen door. There is a valcuole in the cell which stores food, water, and waste, it acts like a fridge. The nuclear membrane holds the nucleus together. Chromosomes carries the DNA, genes, and functions. There is also a cytoplasm and it looks like a jelly like mateiral. There is a nucleolus included in every cell's nucleus, and it produces ribosomes for the cell. Next is the ribosomes which make protiens for the cell. Golgi bodies are also very important to the cell because they act like teh post office by labeling the protiens to where they should go. Next is the E.R. (endoplasmic reticulum) which delivers teh protiens to thier destinations. It is like a mail carrier. When breaking up large pieces of food you will need a lysosome to help with the job. Mitochondria split apart the food to create important energery and it acts like a powerhouse for the cell. To create the food for plant cells you need chloroplasts. Only included in plant cells cell walls which give the cell and the plant it structure and it acts like a building's wall.