Nemo's Dad
Nemo's Dad

Bony Fish

‚ÄčBony fish fall into the subphyla of chordata. Some examples of Bony fish are perch, salmon, cod, bass, sword fish, catfish, and tuna. Bony fish have skeletons made of bone. Bony fish have six fins, the pectoral fin, the pelvic fin, the anal fin, thecaudal fin,
Giant Catfish
the posterior dorsal fin, and the anterior dorsal fin. Bony fishes' fins open and close like a fan. Bony fish breathe through gills. They get oxygen from the water that runs over their gills. They have many blood vessels in their gills that absorb the oxygen. The oxygen is carried through their body by blood. The blood is pumped by a simple two chambered heart. They also have a operculum. It is a bony plate that protects their gills.They eat through a mouth and have a digestive system which consists of a stomach, esophagus and intestine.They are sexual and lay eggs. The female lays the eggs and the male fertilizes them and spays them with milt which contains sperm. The swim bladder either fills up with air to let the fish swim up, or lets out air to let the fish dive. Bony fish also have a lateral line. The lateral line senses vibrations in the water around it. This can either warn the fish of danger, or alert it of food. Their body structure consists of three different types that a fish could have, ray- finned fish, lung- finned fish and lobe- finned fish. They have no eyelids or tear ducts because when living under water they are not necessary.The fish live in water bodies. Each fish has different types of qualities for survival like camouflage. There are no other sub groups that apply to bony fish.Bony fishes interanal body structure consists of a two chambered heart,blood vessels, liver, intestines,arteries, esophagus, stomach,anus,swim blatter, spinal cord, kidney, body muscles, ovary, olfactory organs, inner ear, gills, simple circulatory system, and phloric caecum. As you can see Bony fish are amazing creatures.