This is a Platypus


Mammals are a sub-phyla of Chordata. Mammals breathe by using their lungs. Mammals usually eat their prey. All mammals except for herbivores, eat meat. The mammals that eat only meat are called carnivores, while the ones that eat only plants are called herbivores. The animals that eat both meat and plants are called omnivores. Mammals are warm blooded and there body tempeture isn't determined by what the tempeture uWhat makes mammals apart from other subphyla is their characteristics. The characters of mammals are that they all have hair or fur. All of them, except for a few exceptions, give live birth and feed their young. Mammals reproduce sexually and have mammory glands. All mammals have four limbs. They also have a highly developed brain. There are three kinds of mammals, they are placental which give live birth and are the largest group, then there are marsupials that carry their young in their pouches. Lastly their are monotremes who lay eggs. They reproduce by the sperm fertilizing the uterris. The only animals in this group are the spiney anteater and the platypus. Also mammals can be determined by where they live whether in the water or on land.

This is a mammal.
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