Porifera is a sea sponge. Sea sponges are filter feeders they get their food and oxygen through their pores.
They are asymmetric which means they have no symmetry. Porifera is the simplest animal phyla because they have no brain, only two layers of cells, and no tissues at all. Porifera are also invertabrates. Unlike some other phylum, Porifera can either be sexual or asexual. They are sessile, or permanently staying in one spot. Some experts think that they should be a plant because they never move, but they're already in the animal kingdom. A sea sponge that is 10 centimeters tall and 1 centimeter wide.Sea sponge's height ranges from 1 centimeter, to the size of a basketball player They can pump over 22.5 liters of water per day. They also come in many colors; yellow, blue, green, and sometimes even red. They can also live in either saltwater or freshwater, which affects whether they're sexual or asexual.

This is a picture of a sea sponge, the only species in porifera.
The sea sponge lives in the depths of the ocean.

This is a sponge in the ocean. It shows how colorful they are.
This is a sponge in the ocean. It shows how colorful they are.