This is a picture of a bird.

A shark is in the subphyla cartilagnous fish.
A shark is in the subphyla cartilagnous fish.
This is a cheetah which is a mammal from the chordata phyla

All Chordata species include Cartilaginous fish, Bony fish, mammals,birds R
eptiles, and Amphibians. All these animals are grouped together because they all have a backbone. There are four different ways that Chordata gets its oxygen. These ways are using lungs, gills, trachea, or nose and through the skin. they can live on land water or even both. All Chordata get food by hunting it or scavenging for other animals or plants. In addition all living things need to reproduce and the Chordata phyla reproduces sexually. Chordata also reproduces in two different ways, eggs and live birth. All Chordata share many of the same body parts. This includes their skin which is used for breathing and covering the body, another bodypart is the nose which is used to smell. Another important part is the eyes which are used for seeing. Also there is a respritory system used for breathing. In addition the heart has two to four chambers depending on the species. As well as the heart there is also the stomach used to hold and digest the food. Also they have limbs and a brain. The limbs are used for moving and the brain is used for controlling body functions. Bony fish also have a swim bladder. The chordata have been roming the earth for about 3.5 billion years. Finally they all have a nervous system that tells the brain what the body is feeling.