Paragraph 1
What is a living thing?
A living thing needs 8 things to live or survive; these things are said bellow. The first thing it need is nutrients which it can get from plants, other organisms and much more. The second thing a living thing needs is sensativity to react to stimuli and feel pain. It also need to respirate which means it needs to exchange gasses such as oxygen. The fourth thing it needs is to grow and become bigger. This means to grow in terms of siz and maturity such as awareness and agility. Living things also need to reproduce whihc means they make copies of themselves oe their species is asexual or sexual. Another thing it needs is to be able to excrete or get rid of waste in its body. Everything we eat isn't all good for the body so we need to get rid of this waste like so. The final thing a living thing needs is to be made of cells or have cells on them. As you can see, a living thing can be very complicated.

Paragraph 2
Living Things

Have you ever wondered how plants are considered living? A small clover is just as alive as we are! That's because all things that are counted as living have to have eight special characteristics. Every living organism must be made of cells, respire, respond to stimuli, need nutrients, grow, move, excrete, and reproduce. Microscopic, single-celled protozoa are living, eventhough you can't always see them. Giant redwood trees are made of many cells, and so are we. All things that respire are also living. Respiration is the exchange of gasses. For example, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants also respire, just in small amount, and we can't visually see it. Organisms must also respond to stimuli. That means that they are sensative. If you touch them, heat them up, add water, or anything else of that sort, they will in some way respond. Everything needs nutrients to survive. Some organisms create their own food, like plants using photosynthesis. Others, like people, need to find food to get the proper nutrients. Next, living things must grow. Either like a seed to a tree, or a baby to an adult. Also, organisms must move in some way. Growing counts as moving. People move, but so do plants; when their roots move to find water. Seventh, to be living, things need to excrete. That's when an organism removes harmful or unneeded waste from its body. Lastly, living thinggs reproduce in one wat or another. Some things basically just split themselves in two. Others need two different types together in order to reproduce. The purpose of an organism is to reproduce so that their species can live on. Otherwise, everything would be extinct. Those are the eight qualifications for something to be living. It has to be made of cells, respire, respond to stimuli, need nutrients, grow, move, excrete, and finally, reprodice. In conclusion, anything with all of those characteristics is considered alive